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What can I expect at Dalby forest??

endurojcbendurojcb Posts: 167
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I'm off up tut north next weekend to Dalby forest for the weekend. We're stopping off at a mates in Nottingham on the Friday night and then staying in a camping barn somewhere near to Pickering just down the rod from Dalby on the Saturday night.

Anyway, having never ridden my bike in the Yorkshire area I don’t know what to expect from the place and was wondering if anyone out there can shed some light on the situation. I rode Coed-y-Brenin and Penmachno not too long ago and have been to Les Gets and Les Arcs in the alps (which will be nothing like Yorkshire) before. I'm assuming the Dalby won’t be the same as north Wales as far as conditions are concerned. I got it stuck in my head that it'll be very damp and muddy without being particularly rocky like North Wales. Anyone got any views on the matter??

Thanks :)
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  • dartdart Posts: 35
    Dalby is my local ride, I work in the Pickering area. I cant comment on comparisons to other area's as I don't go much further than Dalby and North York Moors. But you'll have fun, 20+ miles of red runs will keep you occupied for a few hours and there's pretty good onsite services, bike shop cafe etc... You could also take to the North York Moors if your up here for a couple of days, some good XC trails around Rosedale area and its only a 20 min drive. MBR featured the area a month or two back.
  • birchybirchy Posts: 309
    as dart says dalby is a good ride and well worth the visit it leaves me with a big smile everytime i go for blast round just be ready to pay the 7 quid to get in :shock: (35 quid for a year pass which is ok though) also as dart says try the moors as well some great riding to had have a look on for some ideas :)
  • NikBNikB Posts: 243
    I've just started riding Dalby and I love it. Some great sections but as I've nothing to compare it too then I don't know how good it really is in the grand scheme of things.
  • See here for a recent event we organised in Dalby.

    What a great day............
  • NikBNikB Posts: 243
    Whereabouts do you lot ride from Dragoon?
  • slimbobslimbob Posts: 35
    Enduro, Dalby is a great place. It has a 'proper' red run with some really nice rollers that you can throw the bike into without fearing for your life too much, some nice single track and some interesting options throughout - skinnies etc. Has some black run too. It also has 'bike park' in the middle with a track (4x/freeridey? - not sure how you'd describe it) with big table top, huge berms and rollers, really good fun. Then 400m of low level skinnies to practise on too. The second half gets a bit boring compared to the start, loads of clayey, claggey built up singletrack/trail with few features...a few bombholes and stuff but all in all alot of miles with very little action - it is good to have such a long ride though and compared to alot of other places even the second part is good.

    As others have said there are good facilities there too. If you haven't done Go Ape before that is worth a look (unless you're scared of heights!).

    Guisborough Woods is just up the road too and worth a look although you really need someone to show you round cos the marked black run is not very interesting.
  • endurojcbendurojcb Posts: 167
    Apparently we'll be doing Dalby Forest on the Saturday and Stainburn forest on the Sunday.

    I'm used to paying these days. Thetford (where I normally ride) is £6 a visit!

    Sounds fairly similar to Thetford actually. They've got a Go Ape too! Hopefully it's a bit hillier tho!

    Can't wait!

    ANy particular tyre recomendations? Mud tyres in particular or will I get away with my Specialized Enduro tyres??
    2007 Merlin Malt 4
  • Guisborough Woods is my local haunt and like Slimbob says, the marked runs are pretty poor. That said, you can cycle along any fireroad and spot loads of different paths that just disappear into the woods. As long as you are prepared to maybe get lost then you'll have a blast!!
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  • NikB wrote:
    Whereabouts do you lot ride from Dragoon?

    We tend to ride from Guissy Woods or Gribdale Gate at Great Ayton, check out our ride section on:

    We are out nearly every week, have a look in our photo gallery :wink:
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