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I need to get some clear glasses (or sunglasses with clear interchangeable lenses as an option). I have 3 sets of cycling glasses (2 * Smith and 1* Specialized) and none of them are any good for commuting as they steam up when stopped at lights. The Specialized even steam up when slowing down going uphills. I doubt that there are any glasses that won't steam up at all but I'm sure that I can get better than I've got. Any recommendations appreciated.


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    I wear cheap dhb glasses for my commute, they do the job fine. ... Sunglasses

    I wear the yellow lensed glasses for low light/poor conditions.
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    I like Oakleys, perhaps expensive, and I'm obv. a bit of a tart, but they do work well.
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    I got mine from Decathlon for around £20, they do the job. Two sets of interchangeable lenses, clear and shaded.
    It's all good.
  • Have you tried the ones from lidl, no clear lens unfortunatly but they have amber, smoked and mirrored lenses, at only 6.99 they might be worth a look
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    Rudy Project do exactly what you need...

    I used them as my nose has been broke a couple of times through rugby and I can't really use the plastic moulded frames, I need those little adjustable arms(?) so the shades/glases don't sit up by my eyebrows
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    DaveR1 wrote:
    ... they steam up when stopped at lights.

    You realise you've just provided another excuse for RLJers. :)

    Best bet is to keep your glasses scrupulously clean.
    Motorcycle accessory shops sell cleaning/demisting products which work, they have to. Wearing glasses inside a full-face helmet in winter, when both glasses and visor steam up, you're in trouble. Coupled with ear-plugs it's sensory deprevation at 70 mph - not recommended.

    I like Rudy Projects also.

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  • A little dab of washing up liquid and then polish them will stop glasses misting up for a couple of days.
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    erm, this might sound a bit cheap, but I use safety glasses and never had a problem.

    I also have 4 pairs in various styles and colours :oops:
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    i use safety glasses but have just bought a cheap pair of DHB's from Wiggle, the ones that come with three lenses.
    The link reddraggon put up look better as they have more vents, mine did suffer from misting on long hard uphill climbs
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    When I've used clear glasses and they've misted up I found it was down to the angle of my head when exhaling, basically the hot air from my mouth was rising straight onto the lenses, lift your head slightly.
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