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Increasing travel.....

MattW87MattW87 Posts: 60
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I have a 2008 Recon fork with 80mm of travel and poplock that came on my Cube LTD Team, i was wondering if its possible for my LBS to increase travel to 100mm, i have heard this been done before but only hearsay....would this be more beneficial than buying a whole new fork?

2008 Cube LTD Team -
2004 Dawes Tamarak DX


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    If they are the all travel version you can change them in steps of 15mm. buy adding or removing the spacers. If they are not the all travel version then you can not.

    Contact Cube.

    the recon 327,335,351 have 2 spacers a 50mm which keeps the travel at 80mm and a 30mm which keeps the travel to 100mm

    which recon do you have?
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  • MattW87MattW87 Posts: 60
    im unsure of the exact model, its the Recon SL though, i cant find anymore details. I guess ill jst talk to cube then, thanks for your help

    2008 Cube LTD Team -
    2004 Dawes Tamarak DX
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