Padded tights

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I'm about the replace some tights and was wondering what style people generally use. I've always had padded/with chamois tights, because I assumed the same principle applies as to shorts, i.e. a padded 'chamois' insert is essential. Most of the ones I can see on the internet seem to come unpadded though. Do people wear an extra pair of padded undershorts underneath them? Wouldn't it be uncomfortable without some padding?


  • doyler78
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    I bought these a few months ago and have been very impressed with them: ... b%20Tights

    Really comfortable to wear and were a definite improvement on my former setup of padded shorts with ronhill tights (unpadded) over the top.

    I went for the full length though lots seem to prefer 3/4 lengths.
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    I wear unpadded tights with no shorts underneath since I had problems with the seams on padded shorts rubbing in an - er - uncomfortable place. I don't have a problem at all, but then I am a girl so I don't have so many vulnerable bits to protect :lol:
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    I use padded shorts with running tights over the top. It works OK for me.
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    Most people wear shorts under unpadded bibtights.

    Shorts are much better than tights at keeping the pad where it's meant to be.

    Presumably there is a (limited) rmarket for rubbed bollocks so you can get padded bibtights :D
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    I find the only cycling clothing that wears out is shorts (I've got perfectly serviceable acrylic jerseys I've had for 30 years :) ) So both my wife and I have a stock of 'Winter' shorts which are too ... errrr transparent (?) to wear in public but are fine under unpadded longs. Works for us as long as it doesn't get get unexpectedly warm whilst we're out.

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