What has happenned to Merciancycles.com?

cchapman Posts: 545
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When I go to the Mercian cycles website, I get a message saying the site is temporarily unavailable. (so presumably I have spelt the name right). Does anybody know what is going on?)

(C. 46*18)


  • geoff_ss
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    Looks like they may have forgotten to pay their site subscription. However I mamangaed to get in using this link:


    Old cyclists never die; they just fit smaller chainrings ... and pedal faster
  • cchapman
    cchapman Posts: 545
    Thanks Geoff,

    I followed your link and got straight in and went and viewed their audax model.
    I know what you mean about smaller chainwheels; when I was very young 52/22 was popular.