A fixie for school.

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I'm in need of a suggestion. I tried to build up a fixie with my old steel road bike but it is so rusted that i fear it will snap and maybe kill me :? . So now i am in need of a fixie that will not pass my 700-800$ budget. The only thing that plays a factor in what i need is the price and quality. Weight makes me work so :P .

I have seen a RMB for 875$ CAD and was wondering if you guys know any other fixies that can be cheaper? This bike has to be durable since i will be doing 50km each day on the streets of Montreal. Montreal... Such nasty streets. We have tons of pot holes: big ones, small ones, ugly ones... You get the point. I'm not afraid of hitting a big one but it's those sneaky small perskers that i am really worried about.

So basically all i'm asking is: a good suggestion of a city with tons of pot holes and very very durable.