which hybrid for £500 sorry but any help is much appreciate

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sorry about yet another what bike etc etc but i'm looking for some guidance for my father, who is mid 50's and looking to buy a hybrid for the about the £500 mark. He's mainly using it for enjoyment and getting fitter than commuting everyday. He's had 2 discs removed from his back so ideally something that isn't too rigid like a standard roadie and obv drops are out of the question. any ideas on a good bike for the money? hopefully he can join me on some rides so something that isnt like cycling a tank. :lol:

any feedback gratefully recieved
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  • feel
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    what about the boardman bikes available at the larger Halfords.

    edit : comp is £400 and team is £500 , both well reviewed.
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  • Roger_This
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    How about a Ridgeback T1? Roadie with flats, very light and nippy, takes mudguards. £350.