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Rough gear changes

icarusicarus Posts: 89
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I have a standard P7 with Shimano LX shifters and deraillier (sp?).

Previously I used Shimano STX on my old bike.

The LX stuff seems a bit notchy and rough compared with the STX stuff.

Is the LX a lower standard than the STX or is the LX just a basic set and not generally as smooth as the better stuff.
Theres nothing really wrong with it, its very precise, it just doesn't feel very slick.


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    STX is about the same as Deore and STX RC is about the same as LX.

    Sounds like the gears just need a tweak. how is the cable tension?
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  • omegasomegas Posts: 970
    Check the cable tension is correct, just the slightest adjustment on the tension can make a big difference to how smooth it shifts.

    If it is still rough try:

    Remove the cable from the derailleur and feel the action to see if it’s smooth and check the cable runs in the outer smoothly with no tension on.

    Set up properly you should not even feel the gear change.
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