Manchester to Shrewsbury

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Evening all

Am planinng to ride to Shrewsbury from Manchester at the weekend

Looking at the multimap type route planners the 'shortest' route is to go A556, A49, etc

Anyone do any riding round these parts and know of any bike friendly alternatives

Thanks in advance



  • schilbach
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    I always use Google Maps or Google Earth to check out unknown routes - that way you get a better idea of the sort of road/terrain you'll be riding - avoiding busy roads, nasty junctions, etc!

    Also use it in conjunction with the following route making sites which a bit more bike friendly:

  • andy_wrx
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    I really wouldn't do A556 - fast dual carriageway, lots of traffic.
    A49 is pretty busy too.

    But lots of back lanes and decent B-roads, depends on a map (paper or internet) and your navigational skills I guess.

    What does 'Manchester' mean as a starting point ?
    If it's Altrincham or Gatley or somewhere in South Mcr, I'd use back routes to Knutsford, B5081 to Middlewich, a bit of A530 which isn't so nice but then across to Church Minshull and down B5074 to Nantwich.
    Not sure then, but seem to be back lanes down via Audlem, Prees Heath, etc down to Shrewsbury running parallel with A49 ?