any women from south wales..

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anyone else who just starting out as a beginner got any tips on where to start off riding in the south wales area?
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  • miss notax
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    I've ridden a bit in Afan and can recommend the Penhydd trail as a good one for beginners. When I started there were bits that I had to walk (and still do!) but it's nice to see the improvement each time. Even when I first started there was lots that I could do, so it wasn't way TOO much over my head.

    Hope that helps!

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    Sorry to intrude on you ladies,

    But i know your close to Cwm, and even though its a red trail as long as you take it steady you should have no troubles, im slow as on the ups there at the moment(too much turkey at xmas is my excuse.. still) but the downs are not to bad as ong aas you are careful at first
  • Rock Hard
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    I know the Llanelli area isnt close to you, but it has some lovely cycle paths ideal for a beginner as they are mostly flat. They Millennium coastal path (Sustrans Route 4) is a nice flat ride with lovely views of the coast. You can head down towards Burry Port / Kidwelly (west of Llanelli) on this path or towards Bynea in the east.

    If you fancy a bit more of a challenge, you can head North out of Llanelli and up to Tumble / Cross Hands which used to be a railway line but is now a cycle path (Sustrans Route 47). This is a moderate climb all the way, and passes through the countryside. Watch out for the squirrels and birds!

    Try the Sustrans website ... 0921112294

    Hope this helps!
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    What sort of riding would you like to do ?

    How new are you ? Just learnt to ride a bike or been on bikes for years and just heading off road for the first time ??

    There is load to ride around south wales ujst depends on what type or riding you want to do. The best thing to do is visit you local shop and ask their advice on local stuff of find a local club. Nothing worse than riding on your own.