Insuring new bike (confused)

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Got my new bike woo! But parking £700 quid of Specialized Tricross Sport at work is giving me the heeby jeebies - my previous bike would have costed £40 to replace so I was slightly less worried about it!

I did a few searches, but still not sure I understand it. If I join CTC, I get free 3rd party insurance (which would be nice) but I still need insurance on my actual new bike. I see I can get insurance through CTC, but I need to join to get a quote...? I may be doing it wrong?

Most others (ie Marks & Spencer) seem to just add the bike specifically to home insurance.

Does anyone have their bike insured, specifically? I'm a bit lost here, I admit!


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    try cycleguard - i've got both bikes insured with them and haven't run into any problems yet...
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    Thanks, it seems pretty straight forward!