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Which Mountain Bike for £300 - £450

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I have been looking at many different models of mountain bike online, and I have popped into my local halfords. I am looking for a mountain bike which will take moderate abuse (light Scottish countryside) and I will sometimes use it to go to work (therefore I think I need some sort of lockoff function for the suspension, if this is wrong dont hesitate to call me an idiot).

I have narrowed down to a list of 5,well technically 6! Not really narrowing it down, but hope some people can shed some light.

1) Mongoose Tyax Elite 08Put off by the fact it has mechanical disk brakes. But looks nice, colour wise. DECIDED AGAINST THIS NOW!

2) Mongoose Tyax Super 2008
Put off because it iswhite, and some people said this suspension is not god for downhill mountain biking. Liked the remote lock off.

3)Focus Fat Boy 2008
Put off because don't know whether or not lockout is the same as lockoff and is the most expensive of the bunch. Not a fan of white. Liked the review for it.

4) saracen Trace 1 2008
Not sure about the suspension as heard some negative feedback. Liked the spec for the price, and looks.

5) GT Agressor XC2 2008
Put off by the sticker on the suspension which says not good for "Downhill". I live in Scotland (yes i know this doesn't mean it cant go down hills, but thought it would take a few knocks). Liked it is made by a reputable brand, have seen it, and looks good. Heard its exclusive to Halfords, and is similar to the GT Avalanche 2 2008. Prefer the looks of the Agressor but can't good specs on it to compare the it to the Avalanche 2 (which seems also quite good)


Ok I know this is a lot of options. I am looking for best value for money, but also good quality. I know I seem like a bit if a woose (mentioning looks/colour), I work with computers and I know how frustrating it is when somebody thinks a purple computer is better just cause its pink! But then I appreciate that they will be happier with it.

Was really looking for hydraulic disks, and a good front suspension. Please advise which is the best of this bunch.

Really appreciate any help I receive.


Which bike is best out of the bunch? 0 votes

Mongoose Tyax Elite 08
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Mongoose Tyax Super 08
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Focus Fat Boy 08
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Saracen Trace 1
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GT Agressor XC2 08 (Halfords option)
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GT Avalanche 2 08 (Everyone Elses Option)
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  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    I have to say, can you try any out? They are all well specced bikes at this price point, the Tyax Elite being a bit cheaper. It will come down to what feels and fits best.

    DH riding is usually attempted by people with 50lb bikes with 8 inch of suspension lol
  • BlackSpurBlackSpur Posts: 4,228
    By downhill it doesn't mean just going down a hill, but a specific type of riding, with bikes like this
    "Melancholy is incompatible with bicycling." ~James E. Starrs
  • JOAKES24JOAKES24 Posts: 5
    I can try the one at Halfords, the GT. I know Focus are internet only in the UK, but there are 2 LBS in Ayr, where I stay.

    I will try and test some out, but if you had to pick one based on the specs online, what one would you go for? Put a wee poll at the top if you would oblidge. Thanks ;)
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Purely on spec, the GT Avalanche 2.0 is the most rounded package that needs little doing to it from the off. Replace parts when they die.

    The Focus has the better spec, but worst fork - good bike if plan to make an upgrade somewhere down the line or straight away and build on the what is there.

    I'd look at this too: ... elID=25443
  • daz51daz51 Posts: 159
    to throw you a curveball ..........

    what about the Cube Attention Disc for £449.

    I would pick that over any of the above.

    XT Rear mech
    Shimano hydraulc disc

    just to mention some of the spec
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    This one yeah? ... elID=23673

    Light, good spec but awful fork, no damping at all. Would have to upgrade it straight away. Stick Tora on and great little bike!
  • daz51daz51 Posts: 159
    thats the one,

    sen one in the flesh and lthey look amazing, there is a review on nikeradar some where and they say it is just let down by the forks a bit
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    It does depend what your goals are - a package that works from the off, and just ride it, or one that you want to keep and upgrade over time as funds are available to turn into something better?
  • daz51daz51 Posts: 159
    I think it depends what cycling you do,

    Time after time i have been in a bike shop with people spending money on Trek Fuel's etc when they are only going to ride on a forestry fire track.
  • JOAKES24JOAKES24 Posts: 5
    Appreciate all the advice.
  • I have a GT avalanche 2, I really like it.

    I've only been riding for about 8 months now so i still consider myself a newbie so I can't really give you a technical reason as to why its good but I'm a hefty bloke though and this bike is coping with quite a lot from me with no problems so far, for me that says a lot as I've had others that have fell to pieces
  • milkywhitemilkywhite Posts: 534
    supersonic wrote:
    This one yeah? ... elID=23673

    Light, good spec but awful fork, no damping at all. Would have to upgrade it straight away. Stick Tora on and great little bike!

    But look at the discount they're offering! :lol:
  • daz51daz51 Posts: 159
    yeah that £1 would really make a difference lol
  • OwenCBOwenCB Posts: 125
    I've seen plenty of 2007 Avalanche 1's around for £450, and I got my 2008 one for less than that from Sunset.
  • JOAKES24JOAKES24 Posts: 5
    i take it bike prices dont really vary much online?
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