which one best road bike for uphill?

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i alway do rider road bike on uphill, my bike it is carrera valour. well i look for new road bike good for uphill. about £800-£900. what you think best road bike for uphill?


  • redddraggon
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    I don't think it really matters at around the £800-£900 level, they're all about the same. Just get a lighter one with a triple.
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  • :oops: .....oh right, just i looking for lighter. redddraggon thank.
  • huggy
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    Well going for carbon may reduce weight, but there isn't a huge amount of difference between bikes in that price range, and unless you were into serious racing, its best not to worry too much but buy a decent all-round bike.
  • gkerr4
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    at that price my choice would be the specialized allez elite - yours for £799 leaves £100 for some nice pedals abd perhaps change the tyres.

    next upgrade would be wheels and then you would have a fairly light and comfy bike - very smart looking too!
  • dennisn
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    Harley, Suzucki, Yamaha, Honda. All great bikes for uphill.
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  • doyler78
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    There's still last year's Focus Cayo available in 48 & 50 sizes so if they are your size would be hard to look past.

    http://www.wiggle.co.uk/ProductDetail.a ... ayo%202007