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Midlands Round 2 - Fun or Sport Category for Newbie ?

avfs19avfs19 Posts: 8
edited April 2008 in XC and Enduro
I want to enter my first race but was wondering which catergory suits?

I'm 26, and looked at the Fun catergory but this is for 12 and up ? , Or the Sport catergory?

Cheers !


  • dodgykneesdodgyknees Posts: 144
    Tried racing for the first time last November down south at Crowthorne near Bracknell.
    From what I saw the Fun category generally has a pretty big contingent of riders so I wouldn't necessarily be put off by the 12 and over age grouping.

    The normal recommendation is for those new to racing to start with the beginners or fun category to see how they get on. You might find the Sport category a bit too competitive for your first time out, plus they are likely to do more circuits than the fun category.
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