Carrying a laptop on your bike

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Is there anyone out there who commutes to work carrying a laptop in a pannier bag. Have you been able to complete your journeys without damaging the laptop? Has it withstood the bumps and vibration caused by the road surface?


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    Hi frankashton.
    Yes I do..couple of times a week. So far so good...Makes the bike bloody heavy though.. :(
    You wouldn't want to travel too far !!
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    No problem at all so long as it is wrapped in something big and soft like a big fleece or woolly jumper.
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    yup my partner has for at least 10 years or so. with various laptops and bits and bobs that a IT person might carry in ones bike.
  • Yep, wrapped in a towel, no problem. Sometimes when it's very cold it's covered in condensation when it comes out of the bag though, not sure how good that is.
    Adds a surprising amount of weight.
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    Laptops are much easier to carry in one of those Targus backpacks. Can still be heavy but better than panniers.
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    I can just about get a 15' Apple laptop in a Crumpler Gimp ... t_line=599

    inside my CamelBak HAWG

    Fits snugly on my back with enough room for my clothes...Keeps the weight off the bike and works for me :D
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  • Thanks for all of your replies and reassurances, I will take the advice given regarding packing my panniers to give the laptop added protection.
    The entry level Targus padded carrycase fits snuggly into my Altura pannier. My commute is 37 miles which is why I have ruled out a rucksack. I tested it out but the combined weight of laptop, accessories and rucksack was about 8 kilos, much too heavy to have on my back for that distance.
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    I carry mine in an Ortlieb Office Bag 2, which is a hard shell case that mounts on the rack top.It has a laptop sleeve in it, and my Dell Inspiron 6400 fits beautifully. The sleeve is padded, so is the bag interior, and I've never had any problems. Not cheap, but nice!
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  • sonnyb
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    Thats quite a distance. Is that there and back every day?
  • sonnyb wrote:
    Thats quite a distance. Is that there and back every day?

    Hi Sonnyb, my commute is 37 miles each way.