advice needed... back wheel out of line??

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Just acquired a second hand racing bike. Before spending any money upgrading I noticed the back wheel is not equi distant from both chain stays when viewed from above. Have taken wheel out, put back in several times but is always closer to the chain side. Not sure if handling affected as it feels wobbly to me anyway having come from a hybrid.
Bike has been dropped lots judging by the chipped paintwork.
Should I be worried??



  • redddraggon
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    Looks like the dishing is out, could do with the wheel trueing/redishing. A bike shop (LBS) job I think.
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  • topdude
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    As a test put the wheel in the wrong way round, if the smaller gap is now on the opposite side the wheel needs attention, if the smaller gap is on the same side the frame / dropouts are out of line.
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  • John C.
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    My LBS charges a fiver to true a wheel, they should also be able to tell you if it's spaced properly or not which may be the problem.

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  • Thanks guys, will put wheel in other way round and let you know (fingers crossed it is just the wheel - not the frame)...