BMK - won the tour de france ?

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Just check my local paper ads and came across this BMK Mirage touring bike, he said its 21 speed and very good condition with the colour being black with a bit of white.

He said he has added mtb handle bars as he never got on with drop bars.

He also said that many years ago these BMK bikes ruled the tour de france and such, is this true as I just phoned my LBS and told him the make and he said hes been in business over 20 years and never heard of them.

By the way he want £20 for it.


  • Do you mean MBK ? Don't know if anybody has won Le Tour on one, but Cofidis rode them a few years back...
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    Used to be Motobecane before they changed the name. The only TDF winner I can remember using a Motobecane branded frame was Jan Jansens in 1968. They were one of the sponsors of the Bic team.

    The overwhelming odds are that no top rider actually used one of these frames, they had their own favourite builder make them and then they were sprayed in team colours. Ditto Peugeots and quite a few other well known brands.
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    Cheers for the replies.