Baggy shorts?

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Can anyone recommend any baggy shorts for road cycling? Would prefer them to be knee length.


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    I could recommend endura humvees but not for road cycling. I wear them on the mountain bike but on the road they are just anoying because they flap in the wind. Best just going for 3/4 or normal lycra. You're on a bike so people think you look wierd anyway.
  • Cheers, i know lycra is better, but sometimes baggies may be more appropiate.
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    I've found these to be very good if it's not a lyrcra day! Reason being is that they are not as baggy or long as many other MTB type shorts out there plus there is a velcro tab on each leg which can pull it in quite tight so that they aren't wind flappers. I've had a solid 12 months use with them wearing very well. Only criticism is the velcro pockets come undone easily, I'm forever tempted to remove the velcro but never get around to it (there is a zipped pocket within the one velcro pocket anyway).
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    Good link GrahamG :wink:

    What do I ride? Now that's an Enigma!
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    I wear Foska Buttox shorts (see over decent bib shorts. That way I get the best of both worlds and don't scare children...
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    I wish that there was a performance bike shop here in England.

    They sell everything there. I have a pair of baggy MTB pants that I use on the road bike, simply because there comfy and have the padding in the areas I need it in order to keep chaffing to a minimum. Just check out somewhere and find some MTB shorts that would work. And for normal rides, there perfectly fine.
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