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Now i have two valuable bikes in my possession, i was wondering what is the best insurance to use. Should i go for a specific policy such as Cycleguard, or are there any other cost effective options out there?

Is there anything that covers you if the bike is damaged by coming off or hitting another cyclist or pedestrian, god forbid..
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    M&S home insurance covers any number of bikes up to £4000 each, with an extension for worldwide cover. Will work out much cheaper than specialist insurance (the whole policy may cost similar to cover for two bikes from a specialist). I am not sure about cover in accidents but most home policies have accidental damage extensions - worth investigating I think.
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    As above, I cancelled Cycleguard and went with M&S.....far cheaper..
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    You mean C+ isn't springing for the cover on your team bike :?: :shock:

    What do I ride? Now that's an Enigma!
  • Do you think they will cover our insurance, i think they should.

    Rob, what can you do for the team, i think we will be happy to have any insurance company logo on the C+ jersey!

    Holdin my breath for a response from C+ towers.
    Just a fat bloke on a bike