Padded shorts

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Since getting my first road bike, I've had rather an uncomfortable problem in the shorts department.

I bought a pair of cheap (£15) padded shorts from my LBS when I started cycling to work on my hybrid. Lovely and comfy, so I bought a couple more pairs in Lidl when they came out. Also lovely and comfy.

Now I'm riding a road bike, and I'm in a more aggressive position, I've found the seams in the outer fabric all meet up exactly where my weight rests on the saddle. Cue extreme soreness and walking funny!! I've taken to wearing unpadded tights with no shorts underneath, which is more comfortable, but I'm sure my comfort could be improved by padding, if it wasn't for the seam problem.

Has anyone else had this problem? And are there shorts out there that don't have seams in inconvenient places? (Preferably cheap ones that are also available in women's sizes.)