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Don't buy SatMap if you have a Symbian S60 smartphone!

pwarepware Posts: 44
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Ok, so the SatMap 10 does probably has more protection than your mobile phone but, if you just want a nice OS map being displayed on your large phone screen, with gps location and routes/tracks/profile then why not look at ViewRanger?

For £25 you can get the software and the GB National Parks OS Maps.

If you look at what the software can do, it can give you track logs and export them as GPX files for Google Earth and other logging programs.

If you don't want to spend £100's on detailed 1:25,000 maps, then you can select self-select-mapping, where you choose small areas to download.

£85 buys you 1:50,000 of england.

BTW. I'm not a viewranger employee ;)
I just think its a good bit of software

Of course, you can also do all this for free on your Symbian S60 phone... with some DIY and the mobile GMaps application. :twisted:


  • toontratoontra Posts: 1,160
    I've often wondered about using a smartphone as a gps unit for cycling. But surely there is a major drawback - can you mount them on handlebars to view as you ride, and if so are they fully shock/water proof? If the answer is no then they have a very limited use.

    a serious case of small cogs
  • pwarepware Posts: 44
    There are a few bicycle mounts available for the Nokia N95.

    Need to hunt around for them though :(
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