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Transition Kit - Help Please

saifsaif Posts: 100
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Having started cycling last year late summer , so far I think I have managed to equip myself with appropriate gear for Summer and Winter..although did a little cycling last summer/autumn , this winter I picked up and have been doing decent miles either solo or on club rides. Couple of months back started commuting to work (10m each way) and have been using my winter kit.

Today coming back from work I was feeling too hot in my winter outfit, and realised that probably I need an outfit for the transitioning months....

What Base layer
What undergarments
What Jersey / Jacket / Gillet / Cape ?
What Tights/Trouser/Three Quarters ?
Arm & Knee Warmers ?
Oversock / overshoes ?
Anything else ?

I'm sure I can learn from your experiences ...


  • redddraggonredddraggon Posts: 10,862
    Gilet/arm warmers/SS jersey

    That should do you fine for this time of year, you can always take the arm warmers off during the ride when you warm up.
    I like bikes...

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