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Time Trial clip on!!

stinkerstevestinkersteve Posts: 21
edited March 2008 in Workshop

Going to do some 10's but don't want to fork out on new bike anyone know of some decent (reasonbly priced !) clip on aero bars!!



  • chopper1chopper1 Posts: 45
    I've got some profile design ones that wern't too expensive as far a i can remember and are great for setting up as they can adjust in several ways to suit you.
    Opt for ones that fix to each side of the stem on your handle bars rather than ones that fix one side or centrally as it will offer you more stability, therefore less likely to crash! ... s/century/

    hope it helps.
  • The website was a great help going to get some cobras just need to find the cheapest supplier
  • John.TJohn.T Posts: 3,698
    Check at Ribble. Cobra is £96 but T2+ is only £56. This is the same bar but with alu arms instead of carbon. It is very comfortable and adjustable. Only 20gm heavier.,175,103&RootCatID=1
  • geoff_ssgeoff_ss Posts: 1,234
    If you live in Derbyshire there's a pair of ancient ones (15 years at least) hanging up in the garage. If you care to collect, they're yours. I played with them on my trike for a while because I felt happier than trying them out on a bike :)

    Old cyclists never die; they just fit smaller chainrings ... and pedal faster
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