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Clicking noise from BB area

eats dirteats dirt Posts: 18
edited March 2008 in Workshop
When I stand on the pedals to honk uphill I get a strange clicking noise from the BB/Crank area. Is this the crank arms flexing, loose BB or something else - It's driving me mad.


  • colintcolint Posts: 1,707
    I've just had the same problem, mine turned out to be the chainring bolts needed tightening
    Planet X N2A
    Trek Cobia 29er
  • eats dirteats dirt Posts: 18
    Cheers colint, I'll have a look tomorrow. :)
  • BigG67BigG67 Posts: 582
    Failing that it COULD be the frame needs facing on the BB. That sorted it out on one of my bikes LBS did it for free as they'd supplied.
  • I'd first check my crank arms and pedals to see if they are tight then if the noise persists id inspect my BB if may be slighty loose or dry threads. good luck :)
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