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Disc rotor shapes and styles- what difference do they make?

adamukcorradoadamukcorrado Posts: 31
edited March 2008 in MTB workshop & tech
I have just bought a new set of formula oro disc brakes to fit to my new wheels, they have come with 160mm discs Fr & R, so i want a new bigger disc for the front (either 180mm or 200mm)

What difference do all the different shapes and styles make? wavey/ sunflower/ saw blade etc etc
Do you still get the power when there's less metal to contact the pads? do more cut out shapes heat up / cool down quicker? although wavey/ cut out may clear mud better do they eat your pads faster?

Previously i had a bog standard 180mm circle shape giant mph3 disc on front which was great,
I'm 14 1/2 stone and ride very fast/ aggressive cross country and i'm off to alps in the summer, so i want the holy grail of a disc that is light, powerful, strong and cheap!
will be fitted to RS recon forks on my 5in felt virtue bike.
Any suggestions???


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