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Hi guys...

Just registered as I figured it would be a good idea to have some support / advice on a subject I know nothing about!

Recently decided that with the better weather on the way, ever increasing levels of traffic / roadworks, poor fitness, and a car i'd like to keep the miles off, it seemed a great time to get a bike and start cycling to work. Work is about 9 miles away over reasonably hilly but smooth roads so I decided a good quality road bike (taking advantage of the Cycle to Work scheme) was my best bet. After an admittedly limited search I settled on a Specialized Allez Double.

I've had it a few weeks now and thanks to catching a grim cold, and terrible weather over easter, have not had the chance to enjoy it fully but have done a few small rides to get used to it and its a revelation compared to my heavy old mountain bike. One thing that does take some getting used to is just how light it is - windy weather is..... entertaining!! :)

Anyway - that's me. Hope to chat with some of you soon.
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    I think that after cycling for a while, you'll have less colds, etc....seems like spending more time outdoors helps to condition the body to resist the many viruses that we encounter inddors. (duhhhh)
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    Hi Chicane

    I guess I'm classed as a newbie also, but have done a little road biking over the last 12 mths. Have just ordered a new bike with reduced spoke wheels. 20/24 I think it is? Other than looking prettier, yet remaining strong (I'm told. Trek 1.7), I wonder if you or anyone else has found an improvement with such wheels in windy conditions. Or is the difference purely cosmetic?