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Nerve crisis in my bum

Sir JemoSir Jemo Posts: 94
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Arrgghh a plea for help:

OK, I've got to be a bit detailed - sorry. Many posts talk about sciatica but this is very general including the lower back and down the legs. This problem is just on the inside of my left sit-bone where the tissue goes soft but not on the perineum or nuts (medical terminology). The nerve has gone really hot and painful. I'm scared to sit on a saddle (at this time of year after all that work!). ':shock:'

I've covered several thousand K on my winter bike (Rolls saddle). No problem. Summer bike - used a Specialized alias for 2 years - OK never really comfortable but no damage done. So I tried a friend's Fizik Arione for several weeks on winter ride - brilliant - bought one and put it on my road bike (same set up as before) and bingo, the nerve's gone.

What am I doing wrong? Could it be the lower position of my hands on the road bike?
And ... how do I get better? Fred Whitton, French Sportifs etc etc all look in doubt now - unless I can stand all the way round.


  • heavymentalheavymental Posts: 2,020
    You mean the nerves gone as in its gone painful? If thats the case then it sounds like the Fizik isn't for you after all. I've read a few reports here saying that it doesn't suit everybody. I'd go get a new saddle, similar or the same, as your old one.
  • RaphRaph Posts: 249
    Sounds like you're sitting too far forwards on the part of the saddle where it goes narrow - try tilting it slightly nose up so you naturally sit further back on it. Might mean having to slide it forwards a bit on the post, and will definitely mean lowering it a bit too. I know tilting it nose up seems lime the wrong way, but I've found if I tilt it forwards to avoid too much contact on soft bits behind my nuts then all that happens is I slide forwards while riding and end up on the narrow bit .
  • Sir JemoSir Jemo Posts: 94
    Thanks for the responses. Heavymental, the confusion is that the Fizik was excellent in trial so I doubted whether it was just the saddle. Raph - good advice, I'll recover a bit on the Rolls and then try again with the saddle angled as you suggest. Thanks again.
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