Good Roadie Brands

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ok I'm a mountain biker, but looking for a cheap, probably 2nd hand, road bike to keep me fit.

What's hot and what's not in terms of cheap road bikes?

Some low-end Bianchis look nice, but I might just be being fooled by the (nice?) green paintjob :)


  • heavymental
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    Might be best to ask what isn't a good brand! I'd say, second hand, you can't go too wrong with a Spesh, Giant, Trek, Cannondale, or Bianchi. The first 3 are commonly seen second hand and relatively easy to pick up locally. Course, that isn't the definitive list. As you get into roadbiking then you'll see other bikes about and start hankering after something inparticular but generally speaking if you buy something by the brands above you won't have gone too far wrong. Anyway, I'm sure you'll be asking us the credentials of certain models you've spotted for sale and we'll be giving them big thumbs up or down sooner or later.
  • Zendog1
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    What do you class as cheap? If you are looking at Bianchi I'd guess about £500 new.

    If so three others are Specialized, Giant and Trek.

    Edit: heavymetal beat me to it but pretty good consistancy :)