Chris Boardman Cycle Computer with Altimeter

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Wondering if anyone has one of these and can help me out. Just replaced my battery and can't remember what value i need to key in for my wheel size 23C. Hope someone can help.




  • redvee
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    Google drew a blank for me. If nobody here can oblige then it looks like a trip down to Halfords and have a nice word with the kids down there and get a copy of the calibration chart.
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  • Zendog1
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    Usually its the circumference of the wheel in mm's.
    If so here ... CD200N.pdf has a table of the values
  • Simon Notley
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    Isn't it just the circumference of the wheel? This will be about 2m, so the number is likely to be 2, 200 or 2000 ish, depending on whether it is in m, cm or mm. Just measure how far your bike rolls in one wheel rotation and stick in the number in whatever seem to be the right units.
  • Nat1982
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    cheers that's great!

  • Just found this.....

    Sounds a silly question but does the altimiter work and does it record the total amount of climbing you do per trip?

    I have been considering a Garmin because it has a similar function but this would be about £150 less. Not bothered about the mapping so half the Garmin would be wasted anyway.

    I just want a device that will say something like '40 miles, av speed, total time, total climb'
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  • cougie
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    I dont think any altimeter readings from bike kit is that fantastically accurate to be honest.
  • cougie wrote:
    I dont think any altimeter readings from bike kit is that fantastically accurate to be honest.

    Probably not.

    Just looking for something to give me an indication, I see rides advertised with 'x feet of climbinng' and I'd like to know how much I regularly do, I don't mind a challenge but I don't want to put myself in a situation where I'm taking on something dramaticaly more than I have trained for.

    So an indication of my average amount of climb would help me plan training routes in the future.

    Just wonder if the CB works well enough for that.
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    i bought a Nike watch with altimeter and although it does work its very basic and not worth the £130 extra i paid to get that on the watch ...

    is a better bet not just to buy <£100 gps for hillwalking and carry it in your pocket and look at it later ... seems a hell fo a alot cheaper and they seem to work faultlessly