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Highway Code 1935

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(56) Always keep a good look out, especially when riding with dropped handlebars.

(62) Be prepared to meet pedestrians and led animals coming towards you on your
own side of the road.

(64) When the traffic in front of you is held up do not encroach on the off-side of the
road and thereby impede other traffic.

(65) Do not attempt to gain a forward position in a traffic block by riding along the
narrow spaces between stationary vehicles.

*(69) Never hold on to another vehicle.

Quite amusing to see a specific section on Overtaking for cycles, just a carbon copy of the one for Motor Vehicles though!

(74) Overtake only on the right, except when a driver in front has signalled his
intention to turn to the right. (This rule does not necessarily apply in one way streets.)

(75) Subject to any local provisions to the contrary, tramcars may be overtaken on
either side. Before overtaking a tramcar which is about to stop or is stationary, watch
carefully to see if passengers are about to board or alight. Go slow or stop as the
circumstances require.

Didn't Rule 65 jsut ban what we know as filtering?
†(85) When you are held up at a road junction by a person regulating traffic, do not
turn to the left—that is, filter—unless you are given a definite indication to do so by him.
(In some districts there may be an exception to this rule at intersections where traffic is
controlled by the police and the carriageway is specially marked to indicate that filtration
is permitted.)

Horse Riders get specific instruction to remember they are slow.

And a section on Leading or Droving animals!!!!
Do Nellyphants count?

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