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cyclosportive bikes

slevinfslevinf Posts: 14
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hi folks
i have 1000-1300 to spend on a biek for long 4-6 hr cycles
any thought on bikes that have the best geometry as oppossed to the racing frame that are available


  • dnrdnrdnrdnr Posts: 27
    Cannondale Synapse Carbon 105 2008 @ £1250
  • blorgblorg Posts: 1,169
    The Specialized Roubaix has a good following for this sort of thing (but no personal experience of that bike.)

    Personally I found a Trek 5000 (with "racing" geometry, although IIRC the stem may have pointed upwards) more comfortable than any other bike I've ever owned, including for distance. I've done my longest cycles on it and the restrictions with it for going further would be the lack of a rack, etc, to carry stuff, certainly nothing to do with comfort. I did have a triple though and saw a lot of others suffering in the hills (and it was all hills) with 53x39s.

    Point is don't discount "standard" road bikes. And there is a big move to compact chainsets and longer head tubes across the board now (the new Madone is a good example; the "standard" non "pro" Madones all have compact cranks+lengthened head tube.)

    Most people on 200km cyclosportives will be on pretty standard road bikes in my (limited- one) experience.
  • Giant have a very good bike - the SCR C4. The SCR C3 got Cycling magazines bike of the year for distance riding a couple of years back and the C4 now has the same spec. Treat yourself to a wheel upgrade and the ride gets even better. It's around £1250 and well worth a look.
  • COVECCOVEC Posts: 213
    +1 for the Giant SCR C4
    I have one and it is the dogs danglies :shock: Very comfortable and speedy as well, if you have the engine room for it(currently working on the engine 8) )
  • I see the 07 spec C4 bikes are online for £ 999.99
    climbs like a sprinter, sprints like a climber.
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