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KCNC jockey wheels

TheGreatGatsbyTheGreatGatsby Posts: 818
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with ceramic bearings - look lush but really? Are they worth the cash? How much difference to weight/overall perfromance can ceramic bearings in jockey wheels make?



  • APIIIAPIII Posts: 2,010
    Doubt they make any difference at all, but they did spin noticeably smoother than the campag ones they replaced.
  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    Depends on how much effort you're prepared to keep them clean, the maintenance on the rest of your drivetrain and the quality of ceramic bearings - dirty ceramic bearings run just as rough as everything else. There are plenty of ceramic bearings that still use chrome-steel housings, means that if they get wet, they corrode and can still seize solid!
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  • SDPSDP Posts: 665
    a bit really well & look P1mp !

    i only do bottom one in shimano DA r/d as top one i like to have a bit of float

    i have tuned rd with KCNC jockey / Ti bolts for cable & adjuster
    SRP alloy hanger bolt ( also acts as a 'breakaway' in event of crash )
    also Fibre lyte carbon cage plate & Ti Cage bolts....

    cheap tuning & good results !
  • VegeetaVegeeta Posts: 6,411
    Weight wise they'ra approximately 0.5g per jockey wheel than Dura Ace IIRC.
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  • not so much about weight but look a lot better and so much beter than shimano even the non ceramic ones run and last better. :P
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  • They sound cool. Obviously they're better than the Shimano ones as I guess are the campy ones but are the KCNC ones better than the campy?

    Is it worth buying a full tuning kit with all the bolts and stuff for a record group?

  • no do not buy the full kit the chainring bolts strech and become loose and the rear mech main bolt being ally seizes up badly, :?
    Yea I'm getting on
  • cool thanks for the tip - I'll just get the jockey wheels then.

    Just gotta decide on colour now!

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