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Repalcement forks for classic steel Bianchi

cydonian74cydonian74 Posts: 397
edited March 2008 in Workshop
I need some advice people. i have a 1994 Bianchi TSX frame (61cm) and the forks have seen better days (chrome pitting etc) plus they weigh about a ton!
I want to replace them but i want to upgrade the forks to Carbon if possible. I see offerings from Ritchey, Easton and the like, but has anybody done a similar thing? I am using the bike to get back to cycling from a lay off from the sport and i now weigh about 102 Kg!! So whatever i have i need to know that there aren't weight restrictions, also the steerer needs to be 1" and these seem elusive, any help appreciated. Thanks, Andrew. :?: :D


  • gundersengundersen Posts: 586
    being italian an italian fork would suit it best

    I have a mizuno on my tommasini - very nice fork (expensive)
    try also columbus or deda or itm

    being 1" like mine the best place is to try ebay.
    I use ebay in germany or italy for things like that.

    or buy direct from bianci, tommasini, derosa, gios and so on.

    You could also use a usa reynolds ouzo pro. I have one and don't think it comes close to a mizuno
  • cydonian74cydonian74 Posts: 397
    Great stuff, although the Mizuno kit seems elusive, are they still made? what about Time?
  • andypandyp Posts: 8,706
    I agree with Gundersen, the best place for 1" carbon forks is ebay but competition can be fierce. I picked up a pair of unused Time featherlight forks last year for just over £100.
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