An urgent problem

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It's the usual story riding along enjoying the scenery, when you get that niggling feeling. 'I need to pee'. No I'll ignore it. But as time passes the niggle become's more insistent. Then you move into the planning stage,'where do I stop? There are no toilets before my bladder gives way. It will have to be the next tree. No, no it's too exposed. OK, the next bush on the right. Damn it's in someone's front garden. I don't think the occupants would appreciate a view of a hairy backside.(Because its hard to modest in lycra short, when access to your bits are required.)OK, OK it will have to be the next gateway on the left. Pull over get off of the bike, just as the girls school field trip pull up to collect butterfly samples. Things are starting to get serious, the thought of peeing into the chamois insert does not appeal.' What would you do? :oops:


  • Smokin Joe
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    Carry a plastic bottle with you and pee into that, exclaiming loudly "Bloody drug testers, on the mobile for a sample again. Got to comply with the Olympics comming up".
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    Unless I'm in the middle of a settlement I just stop at the next gate. On the continent they often don't even bother to go that far. My wife is intimately acquainted with a large number of Derbyshire hedgerows - in fact she has favourites where I can almost guarantee she'll stop :D

    I remember spectating at a road race world championships in Belgium some years ago (when Fondriest won). You could tell the Brits because they (we!) walked about 100 yards to a hedgerow for a pee, the locals just turned their backs.

    The only time I've peed in a bidon is when 3 of us were trying to make an early morning ferry and the car cooling systen developed a leak. We fixed the leak OK but there was only one way to replenish the cooling system - the bidon wasn't used for its original purpose afterwards.

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