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Rock Racing kit

Mercury-10Mercury-10 Posts: 48
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Can this Kit be bought yet? and yes I know its not everyones cup of tea, cheers, but if anyone knows where I'll be pleased.
Yea I'm getting on


  • fto-sifto-si Posts: 402
    Nothing in the Rock Racing shop yet
  • DoobzDoobz Posts: 2,800
    It was available on but has now been taken off or has been sold out. When I emailed them a while back they wanted $150 for the team bib and jersey with high quality chamois plus $20 delivery to the U.K. They also said they doubted they would be getting the green kit in this year and only had black and red kits. Maybe give them an email and post what they replied with..

  • will do right away cheers
    Yea I'm getting on
  • the listed web site does not now stock Rock racing kit but does have some unusual kits available, but....... did get this from Rock racing web site.

    Thank you for your interest in Rock Racing merchandise and apparel.

    Our online store at will be up and running soon. Rock
    Racing products will also be available in select retail outlets this fall.

    In the meantime, please go to our website,, and sign up
    for "Rock Racing Updates" (located in the bottom right corner of the home
    page). This ensures that you will receive notification from us as soon as
    the store goes live.

    Thank you for your interest in Rock Racing!


    The Rock Racing Team
    Yea I'm getting on
  • jimmythecuckoojimmythecuckoo Posts: 4,646
    It is an unusual kit and therefore I reckon it will sell well.

    None of the pro ones seem that inspiring nowadays.
  • With no Mario suddenly the kit looks less interesting anyway

    I think whoever has control of their marketing budget has made a major mistake
  • iainf72iainf72 Posts: 15,784

    I think whoever has control of their marketing budget has made a major mistake

    Don't think so. I don't think Mr Ball has put a foot wrong in the marketing dept for his team or brand.
    Fckin' Quintana … that creep can roll, man.
  • meagainmeagain Posts: 2,331
    Not about racing rocks, then....
    "Cancel my subscription to the resurrection."
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