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trig1trig1 Posts: 111
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in my area at the moment there seems to be a nasty bug going round, vomiting squirting rear etc im on my second bout in a fortnight! unfortunatly my job takes me into alot of schools and hospitals so if its goin about its comin my way! :(


  • Sympathy trig1 - two bouts does seem particularly unfair.

    Hope you are on the mend soon & out & about in the fresh air (preferably on a bicycle).

    Keep taking the tablets
    Ride On ...
  • doobie919doobie919 Posts: 119
    There's something going round my ends as well.

    Nothing serious but just makes you feel lazy and unenergetic. I may just be imagining it, but i'm now the 4th person i've talked too with the same "lazy bug".
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  • trig1trig1 Posts: 111
    not good lookin out the window now blue sky, its taunting me!
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