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Disc Brakes?????

A16UYFA16UYF Posts: 66
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Hello all,

Im currently building myself a new steed to ride all over the UK, its built around a commencal 666 frame but usine a few light weight parts. But now i need to find a set of disc brakes and i can't seem to decided which ones to get.

Money isn't a problem and i would like light but with big braking, like maybe a 203mm rotor on the front and a 160mm rotor on the rear. If anyone has any ideas it would be appriciated.

I've been looking at the hayes Stroker trail in white and the Avid Juicy Ultimate white.

Oh and one last thing my bike is white with black and red so would like to keep to those colours if possible.

Cube Sting SCR (custom build)
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  • Are you sure you're gonna need a 203mm front rotor? If you're going for a light bike, 203mm is probably a bit overkill. There are some seriously strong brakes on the market at 185mm, especially the Avid ultimate. I used to have a 185mm ultimate on the front of my old Scott Scale. It was more that enough for what I needed.
    If you want light and strong, then the ultimates are a definite contender for what you need. I'd also check out the Formula brakes. There are very powerful, and surprisingly light too!
  • BlackSpurBlackSpur Posts: 4,228
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  • I was going to mention them, they have got immense reviews. Im saving up for a set for my ransom :) Shame about the price though!
  • A16UYFA16UYF Posts: 66
    Thanks for your help guys, I've just been checking out the formula the one's you recomended and they seem pretty trick. So what size would you recomend as im building the bike up to be an all mountain rig but want to keep the weight down as much as possible, without cutting to much off if you know what i mean.
    Cube Sting SCR (custom build)
    Spesh allez (factory build)
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    The ones at 203mm are too much for DH for the avearge rider weight.

    look at the Oros as well they are about right at 203 forDH useage.
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  • A16UYFA16UYF Posts: 66
    What about the Magura Marta SL ane they worth looking at?
    Cube Sting SCR (custom build)
    Spesh allez (factory build)
  • stayhigh65stayhigh65 Posts: 611
    Another vote for the Formula K24's here, fantastically well made, light, look fantastic and provide a very confidence inspiring braking feel.

    Chain reaction Cycles has them for £99 each, personally I'd go for the 180mm front with 160mm rear if this helps. There was also a shop called Velosave on flea bay doing a set for £165 + fiver postage though that was for a 160/160 pair. CRC do an upgrade kit to 180mm with rotor and adaptor for £25.

    Hope this helps :)
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  • I got the K24's from Velosave a few weeks back and I'm liking them so far. The 160 seems fine on the front (so far) but I'm only 10 stone! Will probs get the 180 next though.
  • A16UYFA16UYF Posts: 66
    Thanks for all your help everyone and i will have a good look at the K24's
    Cube Sting SCR (custom build)
    Spesh allez (factory build)
  • biggsteviebiggstevie Posts: 112
    Ive just bought the hayes stroker ryde full set for £99.95 from merlin just fitted them to my Tomac Revolver Cant go wrong at that price. :D
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