Advice required please, I'm confused



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    I Say Go Full Sus, i have so happy with my stumpy fsr i couldnt imagine gettigna better bike for the 1500 i splashed out last year,

    I'd try and test a few and as shown try to find an 07 bargain there are loads around.
  • Guess I have a similar 'problem' :D too!

    I haven't ridden a bike of any kind for more than 5 years but used to ride a mountain bike (hardtail Trek something or other) reasonably regularly. I'm in my (very) early 40s and an enthusastic runner so in decent shape (I think...). Prompted by my employer signing up to the 'cycle to work' scheme and wanting to do something to complement my running, I've found renewed enthusiasm for mountain biking. I don't expect to be doing anything particularly 'gnarly' so I guess I'm looking at a trail bike and probably full sus (although I've read the arguments in favour of a hardtail too). My budget is pretty flexible (say up to £3kish) so there are obviously some great bikes out there which I plan to start trying out this weekend. I'm drawn to the Spec Stumpjumper FSR but am very out of date and little idea, for example, of the relative pros and cons of a carbon frame (weight obv, but are there cons?).

    Grateful for any help/ advice anyone can give?
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    Oh no, not the full suss v hard tail argument. It's got to be personal choice. Definitely worth going to trial one of each type, even if you can find a local shop that doesn' t have the bikes you want, if they offer trials just try a hard tail and a fs.

    I have both and prefer the full suss although I do throw it around alot. When I get on the HT it feels really quick which is also one hell of a feeling.

    You could also consider a Commencal Meta 5, I am sure you could pick up one at that price range. Because they are still relatively new in the UK market they offer good value for money. (Am I adding even moer confusion now with extra options). The Spesh Stumpjumper is a great bike though.
  • I had a day off this week and visited a bike shop in Reigate, Surrey.

    I will give them a mention, as they were so helpful and may have saved me a bundle of cash.
    I explained my situation and the routes I cycled, some of which he knew well and the salesman suggested that there was no need to spend £1400 as I had budgeted for.

    He pointed me in the direction of hardtail bikes, rather than full suspension models and taking all things into consideration he put forward two suggestions.

    A Marin Palisades Trail at £649 and a Specialized Rockhopper disc at £599.

    Having told him what I was riding now either of these bikes would be a revalation in the spec and the way they rode compared to my old bike. It seems that I had fallen into the trap of wanting to spend a fortune rather than needing to and I should just upgrade to something newer and better. His message was buy a decent spec bike, don't go mad spending a fortune un necessarily, just get out and enjoy the ride.

    I'm leaning towards the Marin at the moment, and would just like anyone thoughts on anything else in the £600/£700 price range before I commit.

    I have to say that the service here was so much better than my nearest bike shop, the staff took time to listen, let me sit on a few bikes and offered test rides too. I suspect I'll be buying from here, whatever I decide upon.
    Thanks for everyones suhggestions so far.
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    The Amrin is badly let down by its fork - the MZ race is an undamped, heavy, clunky pogo stick of a fork. The rest of the spec isnt much cop either, the 500 quid GT Avalanche is better. Sure, test it out, but the quality components of the Rockhopper should be obvious, and its a better frame to boot.
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    Id like to put a suggestion forward of how about a Cube?

    Mines the LTD Team, i have it in anodised black (see the link in my sig) and heres the full spec:

    Rides fantastic, looks great and has decent spec for the money i feel; even down to the tyres!

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    Take a look at Merlin Cycles. Tend to be a very good spec for the money. I've only got the Malt 1 at £650 (£585 on current promotion), but an LX groupset, REBA fork and fancy trimmings had me sold. I'd say perfect for your needs. The rock lobster frames come highly recommended too.[/url]
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    Emilys dad - I just saw this thread and was reading through thinking why spend that much considering the riding you are doing. Whats more I was going to suggest the rockhopper disk (07 onwards) as this is actually what I have.

    I think you can pick an 07 disk up for £500 / 550 which is pretty good value for a sturdy bike.

    Mine has been pretty good. the only issues being getting the brakes to run sweetly without sticking and getting the gears to run smoothly without jumping - but this is probably more to do a with a rubbish LBS more than anything. The alternative choice for me at the time was a Kona Kula - which has an rrp at £900 but was on offer for £650 - if this is still about then this has an even better spec and would make for a good bike (probably a bit lighter than the specialized too).

    good luck
  • Well I bought a bike now, some of you will think I've made the wrong choice and others won't.
    I went back to my local bike shop and the owner of the shop was in, not the young salesman I spoke to last time..
    He listened very carefully to what I wanted from a bike and where I wanted to ride.
    He politely suggested that he could sell me a £1400 bike but I could pick up a bike for £500 and be more than happy with it.
    He showed me a couple which he let me ride around the rear of his shop and explained all the differences in frame design & weight, gear and shock specification etc etc.
    I eventually decided upon, a hardtail a GT Avalanche 1.0. When I asked him how long it would be to get it in, he replied 20 minutes while he checked it and he gave it the once over in front of me.
    It's a 2008 model but he threw in a rear mudguard, chain lube and a pair of bars ends for the list price. I'm not sure I need the ends, I had some on my old bike so I'll give them a go, I can always take them off.
    Riding it around my local route I wish I had upgraded a few years ago.
    I know some of you will read this and think, could have bought a ABC or XYZ for the same money but I'm more than happy. It is so much lighter to ride than my old bike, and I am sure there are better forks and pedals and brakes out there but this bike is enough for me, and such an improvement over what I had before.
    Thanks to you who have read this thread and suggested that a hardtail was the way to go, it suits me fine. I was in the lucky position of having money burning a hole in my pocket and we all know the danger of that.
    I have just ordered a new bike rack off ebay and can use the money savedfrom my original budget for a few trips further afield to enjoy my new toy.

    Happy riding
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    Emily's dad,

    Excellent choice of bike, sounds like you are really happy with it too.

    You/and the bike shop man are quite right, you have spent just the right amount of money on the bike, absolutely no need to spend £1400 on a new bike at all for what you're doing did ask for bikes in that price range so that's what I and others gave you suggestions for - if you'd asked if you SHOULD spend that much money or spend £500 and invest the rest in Emily's premium bonds ( :lol: ) then I would say the latter. On top of that you have to understand that I, like many other mtbers are addicted to spending money (which we probably don't have) on anything and everything mtb related even if it's probably not reqd!!!

    Well that's me trying to get rid of my guilt for recommending an expensive bike :roll:

    I'll be keeping my eyes on the forum over the next few weeks for when you're totally hooked and are getting that £10k bike :lol: