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Exmoor - is it just 'Dartmoor Lite'??

*Pez**Pez* Posts: 112
edited March 2008 in Routes
I've been riding around the Devon area for a couple of years, and have recently left the comfort of Haldon and Woodbury for some of the Classic Dartmoor rides, Princetown, Hound Tor (Jays), Nut Crackers, Steps Bridge etc...

I've never ridden on Exmoor.
I see that the Exmoor Explorer entries are opening in a week or so (check the website), and I'll be giving that a try, but it has got me wondering, am I missing something? Are there some classic Exmoor routes that I should be doing??

I'd be grateful if anyone has any tips or trails that could be worth a look.

Or should I stick with Dartmoor????


  • sam1234sam1234 Posts: 97
    Exmoor and the Quantocks have some amazing riding. Check out South West Mountain Biking by Nick Cotton? for routes.

  • *Pez**Pez* Posts: 112
    Thanks Sam !

    Shall get a copy of Nicks Book.

    I've been given a copy of Mountain bike rides of the South West.
    It's an odd shaped clip bound book with maps etc...

    There are fifteen routes along the North coast between Barnstaple & Bridgewater.
    Looks like I've got some exploring to do!

    Is there an area that's worth looking at as a classic Exmoor ride??
    The Lynton / Challacombe loop loks like a good place to start.


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