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Gear issues please help!

edited March 2008 in MTB workshop & tech
Hi, I've mucked up my bike by fitting a new wheel set!

I changed the rear wheel and put the chain back on but I can't get the gears going. Now I've been mucking about with the screws trying to get them aligned but all I can do is line up the smallest cog. The chain runs smoothly on the smallest cog but the derailleur wont move across and change down. I fear that i have messed around too much and now don't know where to start. I can manually move the dreailleur into position so I don't think it's broken but as for setting it up so that it will work itself, I'm lost big time!

Can anyone provide my with a step by step guide of which way to get it working or suggest what i'm doing wrong? I'd like to fix it myself so any help would be good, otherwise i'll be off to the bike shop on Monday for them to sort it out :oops:


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