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Help me make my mind up!!!!

thamacdaddythamacdaddy Posts: 590
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Ok I am struggling a bit here.

I have always been into cross country mtb and so have a 1k kona from 01 that I am now using doing mainly road. It started with me cycle commuting and now I am doing regular 20 mile rides in training to complete some 60mile charity events.

I have got the bug for road!

I love the endurance aspect and I want to start spending a few hours out there but right now its tough going due to the state of my bike. I am stripping it down and trying to smooth it out but every few weeks something else is going and it makes doing distance a real effort. Its great for my fitness but takes more fun out of it.

So after thinking about it for some months (I really should be spending the money on my house) I am resigned to the fact I really have to get a road bike.

Now comes my more serious problem, how much to spend. I spent a lot on my mountain bike way back and to be honest probably didn't need to even though it was nice and is still pretty good. However I don't want to spend like a grand on a road bike.

I have been looking at budget bikes (sub 350) but I feel I will probably outgrow them quick.

I won't be joining any cycle clubs or do anything more than the manchester 100 mile event but I do want to do at least 30 miles in a decent morning ride and it will be used for commuting to work which is a 5 mile but semi decent hill type route. Due to the short distance I do it daily.

I have been looking at the SCR range due to the fact it might be easier for me to transition to road from mtb. I looked at the 4.0 and 3.0 but I am pretty sure if I spend the extra for the 2.0 it will probably last me for a decent amount of time.

Looking at that a lot also mention the allez.

One of my friends who has a sirrus is trying to convince me not to quoting the ride position is not great for my commuting but I honestly don't think I can enjoy doing distances on my mtb unless I spend about 250+ replacing most of the components.

So my real question is would the scr 3 for example suit or is it really going to be worth me spending the 500-600 range for what I will be using it for.......

I think I need more people who know what they are talking about to make me see sense....right now the spending of the cash is money I don't really have to hand or have loads of other places it could go :S


  • I'd recommend spending the bulk of the money on a good quality Alu frame and lower spec but dependable components in the groupset. That way you can replace things as they wear out and any expenditure can come over an extended period. You'll probably want to upgrade wheels & tyres first then maybe cranks/chainwheel - rear set etc
    It also gives you time to really adjust to the road thing without spending a fortune.
  • fizzfizz Posts: 483
    You get what you pay for... you want the best frame you can afford, you can always ugprade bits like wheels later on once you have worn the orginals out,.

    The lower end of the price range giants you are looking at, have a good reputation for having good frames that you can build on later on. I have a friend who I cycle with regularly and he has an SCR 3.0 and TBH If that fits your budget and more importantly it fits you and you feel comfy on it then go for that you wont have any problems with what you are wanting to use it for.

    I havent looked at the exact specs, but I suspect the differences in price will be accounted for in terms of groupset, if you're not a gear snob then buy what fits your budget best of all, dont forget you might want to factor in that if you want to go clipless pedals you'll need to find money for shoes and pedals to. Unless you already have SPD's on your MTB that you are going to use ? ( saves buying two pairs of shoes etc etc )

    Wiggle do their own range of bikes and they seem well priced so might be worth having a look at those and seeing if you get more for your money.

    Also go to your nearest bike shop and look at some bikes in the flesh and see what they have you might find a bargain or something else that you havent considered yet.

  • nickcuknickcuk Posts: 275
    So how much would it cost you to get decent road tyres, upgraded front and rear mechs and service the brakets and rear hub ?

    Ignore all the snobs who say you have to have a lightweight roadbike with the lightest everything - I have a well maintained Raleigh M-trax hybrid with minimal upgrading and I sail past enough club cyclists on their skinny over-specced fancy machines to say that the type of riding you're describing can be done without selling your soul ;-)
  • guv001guv001 Posts: 688
    Spending a bit of money on a bike is hardly selling your soul.
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