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Slipping chain

andyturner28andyturner28 Posts: 1,225
edited March 2008 in MTB workshop & tech
I have just fitted a new chain and middle chainring, and it keeps slipping from middle-granny ring when i peddle hard. Is this normal when they are new? It's an 07 XT chainset, 08 XT cassette and KMC X9 gold chain on an Inbred 456.




  • Chain too long? If all the parts are new I'd say it isn't a problem with the compatibility of the components.
  • andyturner28andyturner28 Posts: 1,225
    Chain too long? If all the parts are new I'd say it isn't a problem with the compatibility of the components.

    No definately not too long. It's just long enough to run big rings front and back. The chain has 2 Sigma chain links in it from me cutting the chain too short. Could they have anything to do with it? Also it only seems to happen when riding. I tried bouncing up and down on the peddal while the bike is stationary and it dosn't slip then.
  • cold be that the front mech needs adjusting out a little bit so that the chain is more inline with the middle ring???
    is a pain when they only do it under load as you can set them up lovely then look like a right spanner when out and about!
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  • andyturner28andyturner28 Posts: 1,225
    What happens if you put the ring on the wrong way round? If you view it from the top there is what looks like ramps on one side. Should these be facing inwards or outwards?
  • BlundellBlundell Posts: 308
    The ramps should be facing towards the granny ring as they are intended to help change from the granny to middle ring. If you have them the other way around you'll get intermittent slips when ever you try to push on the middle ring.

    Does it only slip in the middle ring? What about smaller rings on the cassette, does it slip in these gears?
    If you're in the granny ring is there any slippage on any of the gears (don't go granny smallest two cogs at the back)?
  • andyturner28andyturner28 Posts: 1,225
    Thanks Blundell, i got it sorted :D The middle ring was the wrong way round :roll: I decided to swap it round right after my last post as i had tried everything else. I was sure i put it on the same way the old one came off. Thanks for the help guy's.
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