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Olympics - just what is the point?

dieselenginedieselengine Posts: 72
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Watching the track Worlds last night, I kept hearing mention of the upcoming Olympic games.
Why all the fuss? Now that professional sportsmen/women can take part, why is there such a fuss about the Olympics? Please explain to me if I am missing some fundamental point here.
If you want to prove you are the best pursuit rider in the world, go to the World Champs and get a gold medal. If you want to prove you are the best time trial rider in the world, go to the Worlds and win gold, (but, please, don't use EPO to do it). All those who are the very best will be there. Those who aren't quite that good won't be there, which is why the winner is held to be the best in the world for that year. I may not agree that a flukey win at the Worlds means the rider is better than all other riders, but this is getting off the point a bit.
I know competitors from unheard places get the chance to compete against the big names, but, and maybe it's just me, I have no interest in watching a bloke from the Pharoah Isles finishing 86th in the 30km walk, or the pistol shooting, or the time trial.....
I reckon there are World Championships in almost every sport, every year, or every other year, when the best in those sports compete for the title World Champion.
So why do we have all this performance about the Olympics every 4 years, when the same people are competing against the same people year in year out. Surely Bettini would put either of his 2 Worlds wins above the Olympics? If not, why is the Olympic title better?
I am hoping someone can persuade me there is a reason for all the fuss, because right now, it just seems much ado about censored all.
And I have never understood why people get excited about New Year either. It's me isn't it?


  • redddraggonredddraggon Posts: 10,862
    Surely Bettini would put either of his 2 Worlds wins above the Olympics? If not, why is the Olympic title better?

    Why is the Premier league more important than the SPL? Why is Paris Roubaix more important than Het Volk?

    I think it's just the way it is. If Bettini thinks the Olympics are more important to him, is he wrong? No. Obviously in some sports, like football, the olympics mean censored all.
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  • grimpeurgrimpeur Posts: 230
    I have to say that I agree, the Olympics are an anachronism in modern sport and although many athletes place great value in them, others do not.

    Having said that I do enjoy watching the Olympic games, it is festival of sport from around the world and also acts as a showcase for the host country. But to say they represent the pinnacle of competition in modern sport is completely wrong.
  • BronzieBronzie Posts: 4,927
    Yebbut.................being Olympic Champ is better value than World Champ 'cos it lasts 4 times longer - simple maths innit! :idea:
  • Roger_ThisRoger_This Posts: 136
    Are the Pharoah Isles in Egypt? :wink:
  • geoff_ssgeoff_ss Posts: 1,234
    In sailing the Olympics is actually poorer competition than world championships because there can be only one competitor per country. That means some of the very best (just didn't manage to get selected) aren't sailing.

    Plus there's only one medal to win/class and that's over several days and many hours actually racing. Unlike swimming which allows one competitor to win many medals doing exactly the same thing. I suppose you argue track cycling is similar.

    Personally, I think the Olympics is a bit of a white elephant - particularly the opening ceremony which has nothing to do with sport and more to do with politics.

    I don't rate New Year much either :lol:

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  • RichN95.RichN95. Posts: 26,293
    The simple answer is that the Olympics are far higher profile and therefore more prestigious. It's a massive festival of sport with wall to wall TV coverage around the world. By contrast, if the these World Champs were a) not in Manchester and b) a goldmine for GB, I doubt it would get any coverage here.

    Take Jamie Staff and Chris Newton for example. Both World Champions but no-one has heard of them outside cycling fans. But alot of the general public know Jason Queally, Chris Hoy and Bradley Wiggins - because they won the Olympics.

    Prior to this week I didn't know that Rebecca Romero has a Worlds Gold for rowing, but I knew she had a silver at the Olympics.
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  • ddraverddraver Posts: 24,650
    you can win a world championship (sp? yes i'm drunk) every year

    olympics can only be won every 4 years - perhaps you are not the best rider that year but the best rider that 4 years (yes i know what you re saying)
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