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Big Ring Protector

edited March 2008 in MTB buying advice
Had already posted this but it got removed probably cos i left the subject in capitals but anyway i`ll try again

am looking for something to protect my big ring that has a bit of strength to it and won`t snag and snap after 5 mins riding that will help stop my jeans getting ripped up and taking the oil off the chain

I use cycle clips which i do tend to forget to take with me sometimes and they aint the best at stopping my jeans from hitting the chain

i`ve looked on crc and found the blackspire big ring protector but they only do the 5 bolt version ( i guess i need a 4 bolt size 44t for my carrera fury 07 could be wrong here if so please correct me ! ) i dont fancy the c4 clear plastic model i`d like something in black to match me bike .. also is there any difference between a bash guard and a bash ring as everything i`ve looked at seems to replace the big ring which isn`t really what im after

any ideas ?

thaks in advance for anything that helps


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