Upgrading my tcr, help

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Hey guys

Im thinking of upgrading parts on my tcr. My current specs are
brakes 105
front tiagra
rear 105
chainset 105
leavers 105
cassett not sure
wheels 105
tyers continental gp3000
Pedals look a.5
seatpost, stem, handlebars cheap alloy i think.

I was thinking of upgrading to an ultegra sl groupset as i think it looks great, but im unsure of everything else to upgrade. I dont want to buy a new bike as i love my frame.

Any help would be great especially on deals etc ;-)

I could also do with a decent track pump if anyone could recomend one.


  • wors
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    i'd just upgrade the wheels for the moment,
  • feel
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    wors wrote:
    i'd just upgrade the wheels for the moment,

    what he said.

    TBH i can't see a great deal of sense in replacing mostly 105 for Ultegra.

    Do a search on here for track pumps and you will find lots of different views, but basically if you spend £20 + you should get something decent.
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  • Beardo16
    Beardo16 Posts: 8
    What wheels would you recomend?

    Im 17stomes by the way and a budget of around 250 - 300
  • JesseD
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    Foer that sort of money and if you are circa 17 stone, I would get a set of wheels built for you.

    Maybe 105 or Ultegra hubs on Mavic CXP33 rims, they would be strong and would roll well, also you would have change out of £300 for decent tyres and tubs etc. They may not look at good as a set of factory built wheels but they would last longer and be less trouble in the long run.

    I am circa 16.5 stone and I have a set of PX 32 spoke handbuilt wheels, they get abused alot and are still true after months of use, they are pretty light too for 32 spoke wheels and only cost about £150.
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