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Night Time Rides

wastelanderwastelander Posts: 557
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Apart from commutes who else ventures out at night? Last night I intentionally extended my 10 mile commute into a 32 mile cross country evening jaunt knowing that the darkness would close in during the trip.

It's so much fun and completely different riding along deserted country lanes by headlights (guided at one point by bats silhouetted against the skiy) the only watching the slowly sinking sun, turn into a blood red band on the horizon, the skies darkening and then finally the only light source is that which you provide yourself.

Even with the clocks moving forwards there's still plenty of scope to get some 'dark' miles in and still be home before 9:30-10:00pm...give it try!


  • TheBoyBillyTheBoyBilly Posts: 749
    A good idea. I haven't tried the rural lanes around the South Downs in the dark mainly because my lights up to now have only really been any good for lit-up roads. But I have bought a Dinotte front light now that is pretty bright so I might just have a saunter out over the weekend. I might try it initially early on Sunday morning while the "boy-racers" are still in bed.
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  • Yep me and a couple of other riders go for an hours bash round the country lanes of the Yorkshire Wolds every Thursday throughout the winter. Great fun in a group but wouldn't fancy it by myself.

    Just make sure you can see AND BE SEEN as the last thing drivers will be looking out for is some lunatics riding round in the dark. On my winter bike I've got loads of the 'black glows white' tape on my mudguards, forks, seat stays, seat post and handlebars. Very effective and only costs £10 for an A4 sheet off wiggle.
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  • MassimoMassimo Posts: 318
    Night rides in the summer are an absolute must - usually get 2 or 3 in per year. Set out at around 11pm on a Saturday night and get in when you want - it's bl**dy brilliant!!! Just make sure you can be seen :wink:
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  • wastelanderwastelander Posts: 557
    Completely agree re lights - Nite Rider MiNewt X2 Duals take care of the front end with a Smart LED at the back...and always let someone know the route you'll be taking if you're on your own.
  • BronzieBronzie Posts: 4,927
    We have a regular winter chaingang on Tuesday and Thursdays - most fun you can have in the dark (with your clothes on)
  • heavymentalheavymental Posts: 2,025
    Didn't that (alleged) rogue Floyd Landis use to slip out at night to train as his mennonite folks didn't like him racing bikes? I quite fancy it sometimes but I'd need to invest in some lights as my little 3 LED thing isn't going to cut the mustard.
  • I'd need to invest in some lights as my little 3 LED thing isn't going to cut the mustard.

    Erm you'd be suprised. In our little group typically 3 or 4 of us none of us have what you would call brilliant lights (Cateye single shot or similar) but when theres a few of them on the go there good enough. If you were out by yourself you would want something better though.
    Cycling - The pastime of spending large sums of money you don't really have on something you don't really need.
  • on the roadon the road Posts: 5,631
    I rode at night only once last summer. It's not something I do often, the light I've got, a Cateye Micro Halogen makes me visible to oncoming traffic if I angle so that it's pointing at the oncoming traffic but despite it being extremely bright, it doesn't help me see where I'm going at night at speed, for that I'd have to pay £50 and upwards for a front light, not really economically sound if I'll hardly use it.

    Although I must admit, it does seem safer riding at night then during the day, due to the fact that there's less traffic at night.
  • yogiyogi Posts: 456
    We've been doing night-rides for almost 20 years now. We usually have around 9 riders meeting for our twice weekly training rides and usually put in around 30 miles.

    We used to do 40 mile rides across Dartmoor but have got older and wiser.

    Personally I use a decent Lumicycle lamp but some are on more basic fair but good lights are a must. We also do off-road mtb night-rides. I would rather go on a group night-ride than sit on a turbo-trainer, given the choice.

    See website for details.
  • mathimathi Posts: 110
    Night riding is fantastic , objects, pot holes etc appear at a alarmingly fast rate :lol:
  • jellybellywmbjellybellywmb Posts: 1,379
    Done solo night rides on the MTB and its amazing how much quicker you go when you think the boogie man is on your back wheel :shock:

    I once set out on a ride around Rutland Water at midnight and and to my total shock nearly had a collision with a jogger who was running around with no headlamp torch or anything.

    Well I think it was a jogger!!! :shock:
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  • cycologistcycologist Posts: 721
    Welcome to the dark side !
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  • BronzieBronzie Posts: 4,927
    Well I think it was a jogger!!! :shock:
    Hmmm...........jogger or dogger - you decide!

    Amazing how many Ford Fiestas with steamed up windows you see rocking gently whilst parked down country lanes when you are out training! :oops:
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