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I've been trying a few bikes out the last couple of weeks but I'm still a bit unsure of what sizes I should really be testing. I'm 5'5" - 5'6" & 28" ish inside leg (If I measured thet right :? )

I've tried a small and medium SCR both fitted but acording to giant's site i'm spot on for the small ?

Tried a Synapse 51cm felt right.

Scott 52cm felt a little big ?

I'm coming from only riding mtb's so this sizing is confusing me, I know I need to get the one which feels best but I've never had a road bike to compare them with :oops:



  • The bike that fits you is the one that feels right.

    But throw in some guidance from a decent shop. A road bike might feel tall if you're used to having acres of 'nad clearance on a mountain bike, but actually fit fine for reach, which is more important on the road.

    Are you being allowed to test ride them?
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    ive just gone throo all this ! different shops gave me diff answers? the best advice i was given was 2 get fitted, it might cost a few £ but its cheaper than buying the wrong bike??? i was advised to use paul hewitt in leyland ! money well spent.
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    Hi, my guess judging by your measurements would be a size small in the SCR.
    What you will find is it's not just about the frame size (ie length of seat tube) but more critical to comfort is the length of the top tube. The larger size will stretch you out more, also different makes like the Scott may have a longer top tube in relation to the frame size making it feel a bit big.
    Obviously you can change the stem and raise/lower the saddle to tweak the fit but if you have a frame that is too big it will never feel right (i have been there).
    Good luck.
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    the best advice i was given was 2 get fitted
    Got it done today excellent worth the money and I now know what size/style bikes I should be looking for.