Turbo vs Rollers

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Which are best?

Apparently I shouldn't use a carbon frame in a turbo?

Looking at getting one for high intensity sessions and warm-ups. Hate being stuck indoors but I'm not developing as well as I should be

Any hints, tips or suggestions?


  • oldwelshman
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    No carbon on a turbo? Why not, I cannot see a turbo being worse than the roads in the UK :D I actually have an old road bike on the turbo, not used it this year yet !!
    Rollers are better for warming up but for training turbo better. Rollers also good for bike handling skills :D
  • Doobz
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    I am not sure about why people think carbon bikes are no good in a Turbo, I have planty of mates using them with expensive carbon frames.

    I think the choice between Turbo and Rollers depends on the rider. I prefer Rollers and I have a set. I only use them because I find they improve arm strength. balance and concentration.
  • madmix
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    I was told that it places extra stress on the frame by being held in place??

    But like oldwelshman says I can't see this being any different from the "stresses" of normal riding

    know plenty of other people that use carbon in turbo's.....turbo it is then.
  • Bronzie
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    Rollers improve your balance and pedalling technique, but for hard training sessions I'd go with a turbo because:
    - there's very little resistance with most rollers and it's harder to get a good workout (although some are available with variable resistance, but are quite pricey)
    - when you are doing really tough intervals, staying upright on rollers is one less thing to worry about!

    I've got both, tend to use the turbo for training and the rollers for gentle warmups and recovery rides.
  • John C.
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    I like the rollers I have and they have definatley improved my balance, they also let you do long sessions at high heart rates, I can now spin faster and can use my good bike all year round. Howevere in my opinion they are no substitute for hammering it up the hills, You'll have to ask a turbo user if theirs is the same or not.

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  • jenster88
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    I've Just invested in a star trac spin bike, I find it much smoother than turbo trainer.
  • nic_77
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    A turbo trainer like the Tacx I-Magic makes an indoor session much more interesting... the real life video mode allows you to ride a famous route indoors. Of couse you need a pc, and somewhere sensible to set it up. I use one in the garage - it is pretty noisy and you get very hot and sweaty if you ride in the house!

    Setting up a bike on the turbo does take a few minutes, so it is advantageous if you have an 'old' bike to leave there pernamently. Don't think I'd use my best bike just in case!

  • GuyGadois
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    I used to have a pair of rollers that had the turbos on the side so you got the best of both worlds. They were quite good and a damn good workout.
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