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censored American Cycle lanes

Philip DavisPhilip Davis Posts: 965
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Nice to see American mainstream media seems to be following the Warrington Cycling Campaigns censored cycle lane website. Today from

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  • nobrakesnobrakes Posts: 53
    Great observation, but I find this kind of thing (bike lanes ending abruptly) very common throughout the world.
    Personally, I dislike bike lanes, and prefer cyclist integration into regular traffic, with heavy penalties for those who ignore cyclists right to the roads. But of course, this is a dream, and particularly in the u.s., any 4,000 lb. suv driver really giving a cyclist any considieration is wishful thinking. Cops are no better, as enforcing a cyclists rights to the road is of far less importance than getting to the dunkin' donuts.
    Where I live, they've just come up with a novel approach to cyclists' safetey by painting a square at certain intersections bright green, and forcing cyclists to wait for green lights in the green square. Time will tell if this scheme works. I prefer to keep moving, and not be a stationary target to said suv's.

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  • In the UK this 275ft lane would be the channel tunnel of cycling engineering feats....
  • Nice to see American mainstream media seems to be following the Warrington Cycling Campaigns censored cycle lane website. Today from

    The odd thing is that he doesn't complain about it being a door-zone lane

    Jeremy Parker
  • chuckcorkchuckcork Posts: 1,471
    Jeremy Clarkson (would you believe) did it better. Made real show of putting on all the gear, getting on the bike, cycling a few feet, and then saying that the problem is that they don't join up.

    I believe Galway Cycling Campaign lists quite a few dangerous "cycle facilities", more or less seems like they're designed to be that way (dangerous) to make car driving road designers and pollies happy that they are providing a "facility", even if it actually increases the level of danger to cyclists and reduces the level of cycle use, both you would think contrary to government policy.
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  • Richard_DRichard_D Posts: 320
    THe problem as always is that many road planners think that a pot of paint and a few signs is all they need to do make a cycle lane.
    On a relatively busy but wide suburban road near me they decided they needed to put a cycle lane in. The problems with it are
      The stripe marking the boundary of the lane is just about the distance a cyclist would be riding out from the side of the road The road was wide enough for cars to pass a cyclist easily anyway The lane is regularly blocked by parked cars The lane stops before you get to the main road rather than feeding into a advance stopping area

    In effect they put the lane in so they could add it to the metric but not so as it would inconvenience the car drivers.
  • blorgblorg Posts: 1,169
    275ft? That's almost 100m of lane! I have seen far stupider, lanes barely longer than a bike!

    Just about every town in rural Ireland has a cycle "facility" like below at the entrance and exit to the town. The lane either side of the "facility" is always minimal. This is quite a good one (the blue bike sign in the middle of the grass marks the end!)


    Honestly there are thousands of these, completely and utterly useless, replicated in every single town in the country.*

    *useless for cyclists, I realise their intent is to slow traffic.
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