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Berlin to Dresden???

GotteGotte Posts: 494
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Anyone been along the Elbe to Dresden? How did you find the Bradenburg area? My friend and I have heard mixed accounts.
Also, anyone been down the Elbe to Dresden? What's the Elbe bike route like? We hear it's one of the premier route in Germany, though whenever I see pictures of it, it looks a bit, well, boring, to me - big, flat and wide.


  • schilbachschilbach Posts: 101
    Bit 'off-topic', but does anyone know of any decent road bike shops in Berlin?

    Am going this weekend and wouldn't mind picking up some local club tops and stuff!
  • I followed roads from Dresden to Torgau (I then headed due west) more or less along the Elbe. It was pleasant & pretty enough. I was surprised that Torgau was such a pretty place. I didn't expect anything, just a place to camp, but the altstadt was a very good one.

    Dresden I liked as well. Both, the better known altstadt & the interesting & alternative neustadt were worth seeing.

  • ShadowduckShadowduck Posts: 845
    I lived in Dresden for a few years and can confirm it's a lovely place - unfortunately it was before I got back into cycling so can't give you any specifics I'm afraid.

    If you need recommendations for bars and restaurants, on the other hand... :lol:
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